Geometric Hobo Handbag PDF Sewing Pattern

Me and the Geometric Hobo Pattern in Vinyl

Who doesn’t love a designer handbag? The bright colors, the luxurious fabrics, the hardware, the feel of a   soft leather handle in your hand. What’s not to like? The price! How many of us can afford a $1000 bag? So why not make your own?

When I first started sewing handbags I made basic totes.   Over time, as I improved my skills, I was able to make   more advanced bags-it’s all about learning the   construction  techniques. I decided to start my own   handbag pattern line that focuses on making bags that are   easy for even beginners to construct but look amazing. And so Sew Chic Handbags was born.

All Sew Chic Handbag patterns are my own designs that I draft with pattern design software. I try to create bags that are both functional and chic. Sew Chic patterns are easy to sew and come with detailed picture instructions. I walk you through the sewing process step-by-step sharing with you all I’ve learned over the years. You can get any of the hardware at your local fabric, craft or hardware store (JoAnn’s, Hobby Lobby, and Home Depot’s-for O-Rings and claw clasps on the cheap). Amazon or Fabrics.com are also great resources.

The patterns are downloadable digital PDF’s. You simply print out the pattern, tape it together using the guide lines, and cut out the pieces. You can also watch the video tutorial for taping together the pattern pages here:


For a basic tote bag sewing tutorial please see my video here:


Thanks for visiting my shop and happy sewing!