Reselling Handbags made with Sew Chic Handbags Patterns

You may resell handmade handbags produced using Sew Chic Patterns when made on a small scale on places such Etsy, craft fairs, or your own personal website. Mass production by a 3rd party manufacturer of Sew Chic Handbags Patterns for commercial use e.g. sale to retailers, wholesalers, or via commercial websites is strictly prohibited.

However, for those interested in purchasing exclusive, custom patterns for mass production please contact me.

Where do you purchase the handles you use in your demo bag pictures?

I hand make the leather, pleather, and fabric handles shown in the product pictures. Instructions for making the handles shown are included in the patterns.

Do you make custom patterns?

Yes. If the pattern is for personal use and I can resell the pattern-it is the standard pattern price. If the pattern is exclusive to you then we need to negotiate a price to cover materials/R&D/labor.

May I resell Sew Chic Patterns?

Any physical or digital selling or redistribution of any part of Sew Chic Handbag patterns e.g. pictures, instructions, the pattern pages is strictly prohibited.